VeraciBot is a multi-purpose proprietary tool built for VeracityColab to capture screenlapses, track system performance, and sync shared files.


The Screenlapse modules allow artists to add their creative applications to a list (e.g. Photoshop, After Effects), set a time interval, and when enabled, VeraciBot will capture images at that interval and save them to the user-specified destination. This came in handy for BTS videos to show Veracity’s artists’ progress over time on key projects.

File Sync

The File Syncing feature allows the user to choose from pre-defined source/destination sync options to sync files from the server to their local machines. This made sharing Animation Presets, LUTs, and Export Presets super easy. Artists would simply drop their own preset onto the server, and it would instantly sync to all their co-worker’s machines.

Performance Monitor

The Performance Monitor module tracks and stores the user’s system statistics including CPU, RAM, GPU, and disk usage. This helped identify what aspects of performance were maxing out and needed an upgrade, and also help troubleshoot the causes of system crashes.

Project Details

  • Client: VeracityColab
  • Type: Desktop App
  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, CSS
  • Frameworks: PyQt
  • Platforms: Mac, Windows