From full 3D environments to supplemental 2D motion graphics, animation and VFX done right can bring a project to a whole new level. Attention to detail and problem solving is the name of the game, and in animation and VFX my goal is always a fluidity that draws the viewer to see and understand the story and message the video is communicating without any distractions.

I’ve worked professionally in animation and VFX for the past 6 years, and have had the opportunity to work on and direct a variety of projects including mixed live-action, 2D, and 3D animated pieces.

I’ve worked on a variety of systems, but prefer Adobe After Effects for 2D and compositing work and Cinema 4D for 3D animation and rendering. I’m a huge advocate of streamlined workflow in post-production for a smooth and optimized experience, which has led me to develop several custom tools. As many have helped me get to where I am today, I love contributing back to the mograph and VFX community as an Adobe Community Professional.